Many people make search each day for best earbuds with mic just because the once that comes with their smartphone isn’t doing much good. Listening to music via smartphones have become inevitable as much people do not even want additional music player. Listening to music on the go and answering calls hands-free can save you a great deal of stress of having to bring out your phone every now and then to answer incoming calls. So getting a better earphone with mic can change your experience on calls, even on skype and other video calls app on your smartphone and even on your computer as well. There are thousands of headphones in the market today and finding a perfect pair could be challenging.  To shade more light, the free earbud from your smartphone isn’t best for you. First and foremost, it could die at any time as it has no warranty, there are not sturdy and are not durable in anyway, some do not fit well as the size is the same to all new smartphones while people’s ear vary in sizes. Also, some of them come with cheap drivers which can easily damage in few days and lack comfort. Earbuds with mic are best for office, jogging, and normal music experience. Therefore if you are getting an earbud for workout or even for office use, then you’ll see how stress free you’ll become in picking up calls while still having you phone inside your wallet or pocket. That is why one needs to get the best earbuds with mic either for replacement with an old one or to enjoy better experience and other unique features offered by great earbuds.

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