Searching for the best headphones under 100 dollars can be tedious and can be worst when you have little or no experience about headphones. Before we dive in deep, you should know that there are over the ear headphones, on-ear headphones and in-ear headphones (otherwise known as earbuds). These different types of headphones are considered based on their functions as well as the persons need. It’s totally your choice to make when it involves choosing any of the headphone type but it’s our duty to make available the list of the best brands of headsets so you can easily pick from without headache. Are you looking at adding more headphone to your collections or are you a fresher hoping to shop for quality headphones? No matter the case, we have devoted our time searching for quality earphones day after day to update our list.

Be away that the headphone performance could be tied to it price. But there are situations where best headphones under 200 dollars perform less compared to under 100 dollars. In cases like this you should know that the device generating the audio can affect the performance of the headset as well. Either way, we are interested in making you shop safe and happy.

10 Best Headphones Under 100 for Audiophiles

Sony MDR10R Hi-Res Stereo Wired Headphones (Black)

Best Headphones Under 100


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How to Choose the Best Headphones Under $100?

Some people are freaky about music through their headset while some just enjoy the flow as it leads them. Whether you are a music freak or just hoping to enjoy your audio books, movies, sporting and gaming it is important you know how to choose the right set. In this quest so many feel it best to empty their account for a pair of headphone but from experience we urge you to budget for everything including your earphones. So choosing the best headset is entirely your choice but we do well to explain in details the different type of headphones including the cons and pros for you be guided.

  1. Earbuds – there are seen as the most common set of headphones as there often accompanied your need music player or your mobile phones. There are positioned right inside the ear but not as far as the ear canal. You’ll see earbuds in so many shapes, designs and prices. Most people prefer them because of its portability, lightweight and ability to travel with them as it occupy no space. Most of them are pricey just like the bigger headsets and some are quite very cheap; I must say, earbuds prices ranges from $5 upward which makes it easier for everyone to pick one.
  2. On-ear headphones – this occupy the space between over ear headphone and earbud. They do cover the ears but the ear cup stays right on top of the ear making it easier to take off. Its allow noise to the ear as it does not give a perfect round cover to the ear which is good especially while in the office or along the street. But if you want to be free from external noise, this type of headphone is not the best.
  3. Over ear headphones – the definition of bigger headphones is derived from over ear headphones. This type of headphone is designed to give a perfect cover to the ear enclosing it from external sound. There are often preferred by audiophiles aiming at high quality sound fidelity as the earphone is capable of producing loud sound. There are either wired or wireless and are the most comfortable pair of headphones you can ever think of for DJs, sport, gaming, movies etc.

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