The introduction of best noise cancelling headphones was to settle the distractions between the external noise and the user. Because the world is so noisy and even getting noisier by the day through cars, trucks, parks, factories, airplane, sound systems, and other noise sources making people feel uncomfortable doing what they ought to do per day. The noise situation in schools and at work places makes it difficult for people to gain focus or concentrate on their activities. That is why so many people scalp for gears that will help them mute environmental distractions. There is little or no awareness on the use of noise cancelling and reduction headphones, but today we choose to use this webpage to provide important insights that will truly explain what, how and where to get the best pair. It is important to know the pros and the cons of every gear to aid in choice making so you will know what to expect from the device. Your over ear headphones perform multiple functions and are super sturdy to shield your ear from noise and define a sphere of focus for you. In essence, noise cancelling headphones are expensive gears as it is built differently from the normal headphones. But today price should not be your concern as we will be guiding you to purchase quality and sturdy noise cancelling headphones under 100 dollars. Top headset manufacturers have exploded the market with latest designs and shapes of these gears for everyone to stop worrying about ambient sound.

Top List of Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 100

5 Reviews of Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 100 Dollars

Pros and Cons of using Noise Cancelling Headphones


  1. Noise Cancelling Block Sound – It is true that these type of headphones block external sound from penetrating through the ear and there are also limitations to the level of sound its blocks and the general comfort of the user. But to crown it, noise cancelling headgear is key in repelling external sound.
  1. Allow for Moderate Volume Control – So many people struggle to listen to music in noisy environment by increasing the volume to the extreme just to beat the environmental noise. But this end up not being so rather, they are hurt in the process. You might want to ask why? Over years people tent to lose their hearing capability and some are completely deaf because their ear have been exposed to loud sound for years and as a result, their ear senses began to die rendering them deaf. Loud music isn’t the solution to enjoy your music but a good noise cancelling headset is, because with a very low volume, your music stays within your ear circle and away from ambient distractions. So be away that every sound above 85decibel is a noise and constantly exposing your ear to this level of sound will certainly cause future problems. Therefore enjoy your music even at train station and other noisy environments with your volume turn low and without any noise distraction with a quality pair of noise cancelling headgear.
  1. Good Traveling Companion – Traveling can be a great time to feel relax and to gain focus with yourself for the hours, but it can be a pain on the neck when you have to be listening to the sound of the engine till you get to your destination. Since we’ve already explained this above, we will still repeat by letting you know that one of the best companion for travel you can ever think of is a pair of noise cancelling earphone. With it, your journey becomes a memory as you’ll be confined to your world without any other form of troubles.


  1. Cost – To most people this is a key drawback from purchasing this set of headphones. A pair of a common earphone can be purchased at a reasonable amount but noise cancelling might worth more. In the mind of the consumers getting a quality set of noise cancelling means doubling or tripling the price of a normal headset. It could be so depending on the approach of shopping and it could be otherwise as well. Since this set of headphone is carefully crafted to meet a certain need, more work have been put into it to make it be able to kill external sound. And also, there are designed to render absolute comfort to any user no matter the long hours of wearing. All this amount to the hype in price of this gear but it should not allow you to panic as you can still get a pair without going bankrupt.
  1. High Power Usage – For sure a gear with higher functions just like this one have the tendency to draw more power than the others. This is because of the inbuilt components that’s why a strong rechargeable battery accompany this gear to keep you hours on your music without any interruption. Others used power from device there are plugged into because there consumption is low while noise cancelling headset are packed with batteries to keep the sound alive. Even at that they still end up not reaching the maximum sound quality that is why headphone amplifiers is introduced to enhance power and sound quality.
  1. Sound Penetration – Most time you might realize that you can still feel external noise in your ear, though this happens when the external noise is to the extreme. So at some point like this you might feel a low level of external sound penetration but apart from that, this gear is powerful.

Above all, we understand the pains most people feel trying to achieve the needed peace and quietness to be able to focus on the task at hand. Ability to rest and find comfort in a highly commuters environment have been an attributed concern day after day. But today technology have been able to answer our prayers by the introduction of noise cancelling to kill whatever noise disturbance that we might have been suffering from. With this device people have gotten their focus back and have been able to gain better relaxation just by plugging your headphone to your ear. And finally, worry not about the high price as we’ve spend time searching for best noise cancelling headphones under 100 for you to select from. Check the table and reviews above to make your choice.

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