Lot of people are insanely in love with best over ear headphones under 100 because of the big size and how comfortable it is when worn. The earcup is big enough to cover the entire ear letting you to have the best feelings music can offer. There are basically the most powerful set of headphones In the market and are preferred by top audiophiles such as the DJs, gamers and other top music lovers.  In a way it could be custom design to serve specific purposes for an individual or companies which makes it more unique and different from in-ear headphones. All the necessary drivers to enhance sound production are built into this device making it robust for multiple needs. But the thing is most of them are pricey and requires huge budget to be able to afford a long lasting pair. That’s why we come to help you in the selection process so you won’t end up making mistakes or spending so much for a pair. Actually the mindset of most people about over ear headset is that there are not affordable, but today we want to share with you possibilities of shopping for top quality headphones under 50 dollars, 100 dollars and above. Be aware that most over ear headphones are designed to reduce or totally cancel ambient sound from distracting your music. So getting the best noise cancelling headphones is key if you do not want to be distracted by environmental noise. Therefore on this page we’ve hand pick quality over the ear headset for you having gone through thousands of reviews and comments in the market.

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Top Features that Matter when Choosing Over Ear Headphones

There are multiple headphone options in the market no doubt, but if you’ve not been opportune to add over-ear headphones to you collection I believe now is the time. Most basic features on this gear is incomparable; most people have gotten used to earbuds for jogging, gym and other workout sessions. But we want to let you understand that over the ear headset produces the best sound quality as compared to earbuds. So before you feel so overwhelm lets quickly access some of the top features that matter when choosing over the ear-headphones.

Design – Sincerely, you’ll look much better with a pair of over-ear headphones! You can choose any of your choice color and a tick well-padded headband with a perfect design earcup for you alone. Its uniqueness is on the compact nature and portability of the gear. Some of them are collapsible so you can easily pack up when not in used and so it will save space when packing up to travel. So when design is mentioned top product brands try to blend different personalities to different headset models.

Comfort – As I have already mention above, over ear headphones seem to be the most comfortable headphones among other types of headset. The closed back model is a choice if you do not want any person around you to be distracted by the headphone audio. But notwithstanding, over the ear give total circling of the ear with soft foam material so you feel no pains while on your music. If it is a wireless gear, then you have nothing to worry about dangling wires. Get the best sound music can offer with the best over the ear headpset today.

Sound Quality – Truly speaking sound quality is incomparable as this device is carefully crafted to enhance the best sound experience. There are built in drivers to boost sound for the top audiophiles and any person longing for best sound quality. Pay attention to the bass, mid and the note as the experience is carefully balanced for whosoever prefers over ear headset.

Noise Isolation – From design, this headset is crafted to isolate you from the environmental distractions. This is based on its design as the ear-cup covers the entire section of the ear allowing no space for external sound penetration. And to make it more concealed, there are designs for total noise cancelling which can even kill the noise of an airplane while your favorite music is on.

Durability – By far, there are the most durable pair of headphones. There are crafted with durable materials so it can stand a test of time. The headband is designed to be flexible enough to withstand tough times while the earcup is highly padded to stay long without wearing off, some models go as far as protecting the back with metal just to give it a long lasting experience.

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